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Weaker Yen and the Japanese economy

The Japanese yen (JPY) has been experiencing a freefall for the last few weeks amid the country’s dovish monetary policy and central banker’s Kuroda insistence that a weak yen is not harming the economy. Japan’s top currency diplomat Masato Kanda said a weak yen has both merits and demerits for the economy due to the […]

Long – Short Strategy Analysis

The times we are going through are very challenging for all investors. Everyone is seeking to build solid investment portfolios by employing risk mitigation strategies to navigate through the tough, volatile and turbulent economic environment. One such risk-mitigating method that investors may choose to employ, is the long-short strategy. Many funds today employ this strategy […]

Is the recent inversion of US yield curve a reason for concern?

Since World War II every yield curve inversion was followed by a recession in the following 6-18 months, and recessions are naturally correlated with decreased stock market returns. When the return of the 10-Year note is lower than the 2-Year note, that points to a negative outlook in investor confidence and a reluctance from them […]

The current chip shortage and global implications

Many manufacturers across many industries are faced with an unprecedented global shortage of tech parts such as semiconductors and sensors. The Covid-19 pandemic, the higher demand than supply and the more recent political sanctions have all contributed to these shortages that impacted among others the automobile industry, game console manufacturers and the almighty – seemingly […]

After Apple and Tesla, it is Amazon’s and Alphabet’s turn to split

There is an ongoing debate in the financial world regarding stock splits. On one hand, you have big investors like Warren Buffett who hate stock splits, and on the other hand, previous stock splits like Amazon’s splits in the late 90’s make the case against this notion. In the late ’90s, Amazon executed three splits […]

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