CFD Asset classes

Naxex Invest Ltd gives access to deep liquidity pool from well renowned financial institutions. This enriches the trading experience of our clients. Our matching algorithm tirelessly provides the best prices from this endless stream of liquidity.

We stream steady, aggregated liquidity for over 300 CFDs Instruments.

Quality of Execution

Access to historical market data

Fixed spreads e.g. Fixed spreads help traders know their bottom line i.e. their spread cost, regardless of market conditions.

Flexible Leverage according to client needs

Available Asset Classes

The foreign exchange or Forex, is the largest financial market in the world, with trillions of dollars changing hands on a daily basis. With millions of transactions and trades, there is always potential to find an opportunity.

Stocks & ETFs
Acquire liquidity on Shares & ETFs and start to offer your clients direct access to global exchanges.

Receive liquidity access to some of the biggest indices in the world, including the German DAX, the Dow Jones and the British FTSE 100.

Receive liquidity on major commodity sectors including energy, precious metals, industrial metals, softs and agriculture.

Receive high liquidity with the top cryptocurrencies exchanges.